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Go-it-alone entrepreneurs have carefully thought through the dynamics of their business system and eliminated the potential bottlenecks to growth. With few exceptions, these businesses share several core operating principles: These stand at the heart of every successful go-it-alone business. We’ve already discussed three of these: personal leverage, extreme outsourcing, and relentless repeatability, that enable founders to focus on what they do best. The remaining 10 principles, listed below, are discussed at length in this chapter:

  • Focus on reducing the risks associated with a potential failure.

  • Never get too far ahead of your customers.

  • Make a rigorous commitment to flexibility and ongoing innovation.

  • Create the ability to scale.

  • Maintain an experimental attitude.

  • Take yourself off the clock.

  • Master the potential of new technologies.

  • Develop a bias toward action, starting with small steps.

  • Affirm your determination—make a commitment to find a way.

  • Only use off-the-shelf products and services.

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