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employees spend months developing plans and products.

Additionally, go-it-alone business is not simply a fancy term for a free agent or a freelancer. These businesses provide their founders with far more stability than freelance work and more personal rewards than franchising. These entrepreneurs are building a substantial asset. They have control of their own destiny. In difficult economic times, free agents and freelancers are typically in the extraordinarily frustrating position of waiting for the phone to ring. In contrast, go-it-alone entrepreneurs always have a focus for their energies and an asset that will provide them with an income stream.

Moreover, freelancers, free agents, and many small-business owners typically work on an hourly or daily rate, or they charge by the job. In all of these cases, they depend entirely on what they can produce as individuals, and their earnings are tied to the clock. They have not established a business system that allows them to magnify or leverage their skills. As a consequence, their earnings are inherently limited. Go-it-alone businesses don’t suffer from this income constraint.

It’s equally important to recognize that go-it-alone businesses can be started by almost anyone working in almost any sector of the economy:

  • Go-it-alone businesses are created by all types of people. They are not limited to young people with nothing to lose, masters of the Internet, or sophisticated former corporate executives. They include women, former corporate employees of all kinds, seniors starting newly independent careers, people of all nationalities, stay-at-home parents who are rejoining the workforce, and individuals of all types and all ages who are pursuing their passion, realizing greater financial rewards, and achieving far greater control of their lives.

  • Go-it-alone enterprises create a wide range of products

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