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the ideas in this book have substantial merit. At the height of the telecommunications collapse, I launched what quickly became one of the nation’s largest business-to-business broadband marketing firms. While the telecommunications industry lost 500,000 jobs and announced spectacular bankruptcies, I launched the business with almost no start-up capital, achieved profitability quickly, and served over 15,000 customers. For most of its life, Speed Anywhere has relied entirely on one part-time employee: me.

The results of my next business, Health Plans Today (www, further added to my confidence in the ideas contained here. Within a month of its launch, I was one of the leading marketers of health insurance services on the Web. Today, over 2,500 different individuals and companies, both large and small, market health insurance services on the Web. My business quickly reached the top ranks of this overcrowded, extremely competitive market.

As the idea for this book took hold, I added a third leg to the support that then consisted of my ideas and my real-life experiences: I located and interviewed a large number of entrepreneurs who had similarly built substantial businesses with few or no employees and limited start-up capital. This research both expanded and confirmed my evolving ideas: These entrepreneurs expressed ideas that paralleled my own. In diverse industries, they employed similar operating principles and had surprisingly similar experiences. In this book, you’ll meet many of these people. You’ll see that they have all developed their different businesses according to some remarkably uniform ideas and approaches.

With this wealth of data and experience, it’s time to debunk myths and demonstrate that a new age of entrepreneurship has begun.

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