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an ongoing process. Lars Hundley, of, put it this way: “I know that if I see a new capability available for $100,000 on a custom basis, within six months it will be probably be incorporated into the Yahoo! Store as part of the store’s basic offering.” It also means that entrepreneurs can be assured that most of their critical business functions can be handled through extreme outsourcing, letting them focus their energy and resources on what they do best.


In Thinking for a Change, John Maxwell discusses the important relationship between what we believe is possible and what we achieve. His insightful notion is that once we hold a specific belief, it changes our expectations, our performance and ultimately what we accomplish: “A belief is not just an idea that you possess; it is an idea that possesses you.” Once you believe that it is possible to create a go-it-alone business that lets you do what you do best, you start to act on this idea. Your expectations of what you will accomplish change, and your thinking about how to do things changes. In short, you can start to make it happen. If this is your goal, the following chapters of this book will guide you.

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