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successful entrepreneur in her own right, she writes and speaks widely on the results of her studies of meaning and work. In her book, she discusses how our daily lives can be awakened with meaning and purpose.

Dr. Hall notes that we should start any discussion of fear by recognizing that fear is healthy. If we are afraid, it is a sign that our intuition is telling us to look hard at something. We can turn fear from a negative into a positive by using it to help guide us to areas of our enterprises or associated lives that need to be addressed. But fear becomes unhealthy when it is manifested physically or becomes a driving force in our lives.

She believes that the pursuit of your passion releases energy. “When you are doing what you should be doing, you know it, and your body knows it,” she says. She describes the resulting feeling of individual power, of control over your life, and the associated release of extraordinary energy that accompany these activities. It is the release of this burst of positive energy, she says, that gives you the strength to get past fear.

In Tiger Heart, Tiger Mind: How to Empower Your Dream, Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold express a similar idea:

Instead of dwelling on your self-doubts, picturing the menace that waits, visualize your dream, focus on the specific image of the desire you seek. Passionately believe in the probability of succeeding in turning your dream into a reality. Passion empowers. The more passionate you are about living your dream, the more you will begin to assert control over your fear. And while you may never rid yourself of having fear as a constant companion, you can learn to take charge. . . .

From the perspective of this book, these ideas can perhaps be summarized as follows: You can overcome fear by pursuing

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