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if Patti had taken a regular job,” said Bob. “And it’s not clear that this will ever be a real financial success. But it has absolutely been worth it. We formed a band and cut and distributed our own records as well as those of other worthwhile artists. It’s been hard work but incredibly exciting. We are doing something we have always wanted to do,” he said. Hauver has now retired. He notes, however, that while maintaining his day job, he treated Hudson Valley Records as part of his family life—not a secret, but not part of his work persona either. “The two worlds just did not intersect,” he says.


Increasingly, seniors who have retired from one career are looking to keep working. A go-it-alone business is, in many ways, an ideal option. To start a business of this type, typically requires someone with time but not necessarily capital. This matches the situation of most seniors who are looking to continue working: Many want to supplement their incomes but don’t want to invest their savings in a new business endeavor, and many have the time to build the business without the need for immediate financial returns.

In addition, go-it-alone businesses can in many situations be run from anywhere and can be structured specifically as part-time efforts. People looking for part-time work, or work with flexible hours, or even work that allows them to travel frequently should be able to find it here.

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